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Patrick Queener My grandfather married a Cherokee Indian and moved to Ohio being coal miner and guitar player. My dad is born in Tennessee. There I was born in 1967. As a kid I enjoyed the mountains and hills in Tennessee.

My guitar history started at the age of 14. I got my first guitar in Philadelphia. Made in Asia. A plywood guitar. At that time I thought: What a cool guitar! - I learned better.

I graduated and became an electrician. At the same time wood crafting took hold of me. In California I realized I could merge my love for guitars and wood. In 1997 I found an apprenticeship at Munich Repair Shop. After my exams I was hired as a luthier at Stevens.

I made a nice production of guitars each year. Skills and craftsmanship was required in all aspects. From stocking wood to mounting machine heads. Chosing the characteristic wood for the desired tone. Buffing up the finish to high gloss and machinery maintenance. Even something very simple like why it's important to have sharp tools. Ever since then I 've gained experience. By making my own guitars.

Today I feel the demand for highend handmade guitars.

Luthier Patrick Queener.


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